Tips And How-To’s

Throughout Stone Advisory Magazine you will find a variety of helpful tips and how-to information, from full-fledged articles, to sidebars and call-out boxes of interesting, educational facts, to our regular column "Ask Our Pros" all provided by our network of designers and stone and tile professionals. Because a tremendous focus for us is proper selection and care & maintenance, you will find a wealth of trusted answers. These posts are some of our favorites.

Tips For Designing Outdoor Spaces

Whether you’re a grill master wanting to up your game or the hostess-with-the-mostest looking for more room to entertain, there’s nothing like outdoor living spaces. As you peruse your backyard with this in mind, here are some important things to consider.

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Ask Our PRO Dayron Padilla

Dayron Padilla, owner of Perfect Marble Floors, a leading South Florida company with more than 15 years experience answers your questions. Perfect Marble Floors has a passion and high standards for educating customers in proper ongoing care and maintenance.

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Tips for A Quality Installation

There you are, gazing with pride at the beautiful tile or stone you have just had installed. Now fast forward one year, or perhaps five. Is it still just as beautiful? With proper installation, care and maintenance, your answer can be a resounding "yes!”

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You Cleaned My Bath With WHAT?

You love the way natural stone looks in a bathroom, but it's got to be a horror to clean, right? Wrong! While proper care of natural stone may require some initial education, maintaining it can be just as simple as any other material if you keep these Do's and Don'ts in mind.

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Adding A Little Romance

Your master bath can be a getaway where you go to leave your cares behind, tune out distractions, and tune in to your other half. Here are some tips from our designers for creating the romantic bath of your dreams.

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