Designing With It

Designing With It is a focal feature of each issue, intended to inspire and delight with images and information from a variety of designers and natural stone, tile and decorative concrete professionals. We accept contributions from designers throughout the U.S. and Canada and have a network of natural stone and tile and grout fabrication, restoration and maintenance experts at our fingertips.

Man-Caves, Retreats & Cozy Dens

Expect to be inspired by the variety of ideas and images of what people are doing to create their very own at-home getaways. From elaborate game rooms with bowling alleys, to stone bars and wine cellars, this issue's Designing With It feature offers a breakdown of what makes a true man-cave, retrea

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Kitchens and Bars

Kitchen remodeling - exciting or intimidating? There's so much to think about - appliances, countertops, floors, lighting. The list goes on. This Designing With It feature aims to tip the scales to the "exciting" side by offering tips and valuable insights.

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Outdoor Kitchens and Spaces

There are outdoor smokers, pizza ovens, built in grills, side burners, storage  drawers, ice makers, wine coolers, refrigerators, dishwashers and fireplaces. And that's not all. See what kind of cool things you can do to expand your everyday living space into the outdoors.

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The Bath of Your Dreams

When it comes to creating an oasis of relaxation, luxury and/or romance within your home, nothing creates a more stunning canvas than natural stone. Let us show you some of our favorites and offer a few tips, from what's trending, to some classically appealing choices and more.

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Backsplashes the Jones’ Will Envy

So, you're purchasing countertops for your home and the nice salesperson says "What kind of backsplash would you like?" Your mind flashes to your mom's white with gold flecked laminate. You think, “That can't be it, that can't be all…” You’re right!

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