Stone Showcase

Did you know, that when it comes to utilizing natural stone in your home or office, there are literally thousands of stones to choose from? You may be familiar with some of the most commonly chosen ones, like granite, marble and travertine, but have you heard about soapstone or breccia? Do you know what kind of special finishes are available?
Every Stone Showcase article highlights a different stone, each spectacular in its own right, with pictures and information on its qualities, uses and care.


It's exotic, it's beautiful, it's Brazilian. The South American country produces some of the most gorgeous and interesting stones in the world. There are a wealth of granite colors to choose from -- the hard part will be which ones to use.

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When people think of using natural stone in their homes or buildings, the first to come to mind are probably granite, travertine, and marble, with marble being thought of as the most elegant of the three. But if you are looking for something truly awe-inspiring, consider installing and backlighting

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All natural stone has its variations, because it's... well.... natural. Even so, many still want a certain uniformity. If you’re one of them, breccia is probably not for you. But if you want something totally and exceptionally unique, breccia's your stone!

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Ron Pope, an American singer-songwriter, wrote a song called, “If You Were a Stone.” Have you ever wondered what kind of stone you would be? If you are known for making the people around you feel as comfortable as they are in their favorite pair of jeans, then you may be soapstone...

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