Tips And How-To’s

Throughout Stone Advisory Magazine you will find a variety of helpful tips and how-to information, from full-fledged articles, to sidebars and call-out boxes of interesting, educational facts, to our regular column "Ask Our Pros" all provided by our network of designers and stone and tile professionals. Because a tremendous focus for us is proper selection and care & maintenance, you will find a wealth of trusted answers. These posts are some of our favorites.

The Cost of Cheap

Everyone wants to save money, but being cheap can actually cost you more, especially when it comes to your natural stone. Proper care and restoration of natural stone takes education and experience. We'll tell you why and give you some tips for selecting the right contractor.

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Ask Our PROS Sandra & Tony Warney

Excel Stone and Tile Care, owned and operated by Sandra and Tony Warney, has been providing the San Diego, CA area with professional and knowledgeable care of hard surfaces for 25 years. They place great value on education and are more than happy to answer your questions!

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Got Cracks?

Tile and grout restoration contractors encounter many problems with tile and grout flooring, but the most common problem seems to be cracking. If your tile and/or grout is cracking, you may want to ask your restoration contractor about the solutions in this article.

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Don’t Let Safety Slip Away From You

Ah, summer. Water splashing, fun in the sun. Sprinklers, and pools can be a real treat. But, as anyone who spends time with children knows, kids run around. A lot. And hard surfaces like tile, when wet, often do not offer enough traction to keep those little slippery feet securely planted.

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Outdoor Countertop Options

A countertop that is good for your indoor kitchen may not be up to the added challenges an outdoor kitchen faces, such as direct sunlight, rain and the freeze-thaw cycle brought on by harsh winter temperatures. Here are some guidelines from a pro for choosing the right material to fit your outdoor k

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