Tips And How-To’s

Throughout Stone Advisory Magazine you will find a variety of helpful tips and how-to information, from full-fledged articles, to sidebars and call-out boxes of interesting, educational facts, to our regular column "Ask Our Pros" all provided by our network of designers and stone and tile professionals. Because a tremendous focus for us is proper selection and care & maintenance, you will find a wealth of trusted answers. These posts are some of our favorites.

Shopping For Your Fabricator

Putting granite in your home is both a big decision and a large investment, and picking the right stone for the project is only half the equation. This take-with-you guide outlines important considerations for picking the right fabricator.

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How To Manage Stains

Because marble and other natural stones are porous—some more than others—spills, especially those that are not cleaned up immediately, can result in stains. Fortunately, most stains can be easily removed with the right know-how.

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